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Valentines Day: Hawaii Proposals

Hawaii Proposals

Welcome to the month of love. The month of Hawaii proposals.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. All the while the trees are bare, it’s cold outside, and the weather (in most places) is freezing with rain or snow! How romantic, right? Wrong!

Statistically, around 6 million couples get engaged on February 14. If you are proposing in the midwest rain in 17 degree weather, at least one of you is holding an umbrella while you are down on one knee. It might call for a cute picture, but just keep in mind that your knee will probably be wet and you will probably have to take a glove off before putting that ring on your beloved’s finger.

Hmm… Well if that’s the case, why not just go for a romantic getaway somewhere that is warm and beautiful all year round? Somewhere where you can plan one of the most romantic Hawaii proposals!

Valentine's Day in Hawaii

Big Island is the perfect place to plan the best Hawaii proposals

Hawaii is one enormous romantic setting with stunning views, and the best part? No temperatures below zero!

Can you just picture holding your loved one close while you watch the sunset over the ocean? I can’t think of a better moment to have a photographer waiting behind you, mere seconds before you pull out the ring and transform a simple romantic moment into one of the best Hawaii proposals! The photographer sneaks up and captures the whole thing. A warm sunset, two people with new tans, huge smiles on their faces after having spent the whole day with each other in perfect weather.

Let me help you out here a little bit. The Big Island has unlimited perfect places to plan the best Hawaii proposals. The Big Island also has plenty of professional photographers to capture your memorable moments. Not to mention, endless opportunities for the celebration afterward! There are numerous bars and restaurants in every part of the island.

Every couple has their “thing.” Some might enjoy sunrises, some sunsets. Some may have had their first kiss under the stars. Maybe you met on the beach. Maybe you like to hike together. Hawaii offers the best of everything! OR experience something new and exciting – like a romantic boat tour of the island! I’m telling you right now, you cannot go wrong with a proposal in Hawaii!

There’s no place like Hawaii to propose to the one you love

The number one best place in Hawaii to watch the sunrise happens to be at the summit of Mauna Kea, the tallest volcano in the state.

Imagine the black lava rock contrasting with the bright and pastel colors… the view is truly breathtaking. Picture being at the top of the world, watching the day begin, and getting engaged. Honestly, I’m tearing up just thinking about it! Now THAT is romance. You can’t find this setting anywhere else in the world. Nothing is quite like a dawn on Mauna Kea. (It’s also a great locale for stargazing!)

Maybe rising before dawn doesn’t sound like your idea of a vaycay? Don’t worry, the sun sets here too and Kona is a key location for sunsets.

You may choose to be somewhere public, like at a beach-front restaurant in the evening or on a sunset cruise – both great setting for Hawaii proposals. Or you may decide that something more private is your thing? The beach is always a great option. Some people even say that the Walmart in Kona is a great place to see the sunset. Pretty much everywhere can be romantic here.

The month of love may not last long, but all you need is a perfect place, a perfect moment, and a perfect person to share it with. Hawaii’s Big Island IS the perfect place. Planing a romantic proposal in Hawaii is up to you!


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