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Yoga on the Big Island of Hawaii

Yoga on the Big Island of Hawaii

Have you considered trying yoga on the Big Island of Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Islands are known to be peaceful, relaxing, inspiring – a place where you can escape from your everyday life. Consider the island of Hawaii your new place to zen out on the beach by listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the warm sun on your skin, thinking only of tranquility. Forget about your stresses on a lone hike through the 7-mile Halini Pali trail. Silent, except for the peaceful sounds of nature. Or, of course, take your tense and worrisome self to a yoga class on the island!

Big Island Yoga

Yoga on the Big Island of Hawaii

Practicing yoga on the Big Island of Hawaii is a great way to focus your energies on the positives, instead of pondering about everything that needs to be taken care of in a day. Reflect upon how your body is feeling! Think about your breathing and how great a nice stretch is. Ease your tension. It’s important to check in on yourself whenever you get the chance, wherever you are.

Doing yoga on the Big Island of Hawaii is a wonderful distraction because it is healthy for your mind and your body. It builds flexibility, strength, muscle tone, and balance. Plus, while you are concentrating on the proper position for the deep lunge that you are trying to master, you give your brain time to re-center. Now, there are a lot of ways to go about immersing yourself in such an activity: retreats, classes, or creating your own flow. (If you don’t know much about yoga, try following a YouTube video!)

Where to practice yoga on the Big Island?

It is said that there are six sacred sights in Hawaii that have ancient spiritual connections, making it the perfect place to host yoga retreats.

Each year, in February, Ohana Yoga hosts a retreat for a week on the Big Island that involves yoga (as to be expected) but the event also includes mediation and other zenful adventures!

Another yoga retreat that takes place on the Big Island can be found at the Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center. These are held multiple times a year in the same location, but for different areas of yoga focus.

A yoga retreat is a wonderful opportunity to put your mind at peace, especially on the beautiful island in a cozy tropical bungalow. But as far as expenses go, you’ll find choosing luxury accommodations isn’t the cheapest option. Prices can range from around $300 to as high as $5000!

Affordable Yoga classes on the Big Island

Thankfully, there are inexpensive yoga class options to be found! Many wonderful yoga studios can be found on the Big Island.

One of the most popular yoga studio locations on the island is called Big Eye Yoga Studio at Kona Beach Hotel. This is a beautiful option, considering during classes there is an ocean view. Imagine the sunrise and sunset sessions!

Another great studio is called the Yoga Nest, also in Kona. They offer yoga classes, mediation classes, and they even sell their own crystals and sage! Similar to most gyms, yoga studios have a door fee, or one can sign up and pay one time for a membership. 

Of course, it is always possible that we find ourselves back on the beach to find peace, or out on a trail to clear our heads. Who says we can’t just take the yoga with us?

Coming up with your own flow can be the most rewarding form of yoga on the Big Island of Hawaii, especially when surrounded by nature’s sounds, smells and beauty. Bring your favorite yoga mat, or grab a beach towel and tune in to a relaxing playlist on Spotify. Better yet, listen to the waves rolling in and out. Or the breeze drifting through the trees.

The opportunities of freedom from your own flow are endless. Start your morning with some sun-salutations at dawn and end your day with a goodnight yoga flow at sunset.

Practice Yoga in Hawaii

Take care of your mind and yourself

REMINDER: Always wear sunscreen and hydrate! Sometimes yoga sessions get so deep that you can think of nothing else.

It is very important to pay attention to the needs of your body and your mind, whether you are just having an average day in the life, or if you are on an island vacation. Don’t forget to smile, breathe, and take it all in.



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