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The Significance Of Surfing In The Hawaiian Culture


For an unforgettable Hawaiian vacation experience, join Sea Paradise’s friendly and informative crew for a snorkel or manta ray tour.  The luxurious Hoku Nui, our 50-foot catamaran is the absolute best way to be transported to Kealakekua Bay for snorkeling or Manta Ray Village for manta ray viewing.  The sail is an experience in itself and adds to the enjoyment of your Hawaiian water activity in the pristine blue waters of the Kona Coast.

A big part of the Hawaiian culture is surfing.  In Hawaiian culture, surfing, or “he’e nalu” (wave sliding), transcends the realm of mere sport. It’s deeply woven into the fabric of their society, serving as a spiritual connection, a social marker, and a cherished tradition.

For Hawaiians, surfing wasn’t just about catching a wave. It was a way to commune with the ocean, a revered element believed to be inhabited by powerful spirits. Before entering the water, surfers would often perform prayers to ensure safety and good waves. The act of surfing itself was seen as a dance with these deities, a display of harmony and respect for the ocean’s power.

Surfing also held social significance. In ancient Hawaii, it was primarily enjoyed by ali’i (chiefs and royalty). Surfing prowess became a mark of distinction, separating the elite from the makaainana (commoners). Specific types of boards were even reserved for the ali’i. After the kapu (taboo) system’s abolishment in 1819, surfing became accessible to all, fostering a strong sense of community around the sport.

Even today, surfing remains a cornerstone of Hawaiian cultural identity. It embodies cherished values like respect for the environment, a deep connection to the land and sea, and a strong sense of community. Surfing competitions and festivals bring people together to celebrate this heritage, while many surfers see themselves as stewards of the ocean, actively involved in its conservation.


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