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Posts by Holly Kersten

Explore The Historic Captain Cook Monument In Kona

Captain Cook Monument

The Captain Cook Monument is a major landmark on the coast of Kona with a 27-foot white obelisk built in honor of the famous seafarer known as Captain Cook. But what happened to Captain Cook, and why was the obelisk built at this spot to honor him? A Brief History of the Captain Cook Monument…

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Top 5 Tips To Prepare For Your First Kona Snorkel Tour

Kona Snorkel tour

Some snorkelers slide along the water in the ocean like sea creatures. Seeing such snorkelers make you wonder if they were once beginners. Truth is, every snorkeler had their first moment and just like every first-time snorkeler, they were probably nervous too. If you’re going for your first Kona snorkel tour, chances are you will…

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Best Spots to Enjoy Big Island’s Snorkeling Tours

Big Island Snorkeling tours

Swimming alongside giant manta rays as they twirl below you and feed on plankton is one of the most remarkable experiences when it comes to Big Island snorkeling tours. In fact, there’s never a boring moment once you put on your gear and start swimming. However, there’s hardly enough time to explore all the island’s…

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5 Remarkable Things To Experience During A Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii vacation

A Hawaii vacation is never complete without experiencing some of the most exciting activities on our beautiful islands. Take a look at some of the fun activities you shouldn’t miss in order to have fun during a Hawaii vacation. 5 Fun Activities to Never Miss During a Hawaii Vacation Snorkeling Over the years, snorkeling has…

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