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The Magic of a Hawaiian Green Flash!

Join our excellent crew for a not to be missed Manta Ray adventure!  The Hoku Nui is the most modern and luxurious catamaran on the island of Hawaii and is the perfect vessel to sail out to Manta Ray Village for your unforgettable manta ray experience!  Floating above these gentle giants with wingspans of up to 20 feet is an unbelievable experience.  These huge, harmless and elegant creatures are almost mythical.  As night falls, they rise from the depths, drawn to the plankton-rich waters illuminated by boat lights. Witnessing this ballet is a humbling experience. These magnificent creatures embody the magic of the underwater world, a silent dance under the starry Hawaiian sky.

Another magical Hawaiian phenomena is the elusive green flash. Hawaii is a prime location to witness this rare phenomenon.  This fleeting spectacle occurs at sunset, when the sun dips below the horizon. For a brief moment, usually just a couple of seconds, a vibrant emerald green light appears at the sun’s edge.

The green flash is caused by the way Earth’s atmosphere bends sunlight. The atmosphere acts like a prism, separating sunlight into its various colors. Red and orange hues have longer wavelengths and bend less, so they disappear first as the sun dips lower. The shorter blue and green wavelengths bend more and can linger for a split second, creating the green flash.

Seeing a green flash in Hawaii requires a bit of luck. Clear skies with minimal haze or clouds are essential, as these can obscure the effect. But if you find yourself on a Hawaiian beach with a clear view of the horizon at sunset, keep your eyes peeled. You might just be rewarded with a glimpse of this fleeting emerald wonder.


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