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Kona Highlights – What to do in Kona

What to do in Kona

Have you ever wondered what is Kona? Where is it? And what is there to do in Kona?

It is fairly well-known that the Hawaiian Islands have nicknames. Maui is “The Valley Isle”, Lanai is “The Pineapple Isle”, Oahu is “The Gathering Place” and so forth. The Island of Hawaii, however,  is just “The Big Island.” Hmm… is that really all this Island is known for? Even though this island is the biggest, it is only the third most visited of all the islands. Yeah, third place isn’t bad, but it goes to show that the Big Island is pretty underrated.

“So what is there to do on the Big Island?” you may ask. Well I am here to tell you some of the most popular things to do in one of Hawaii’s favorite cities: Kona.

Kona Highlighs

What to do in Kona?

If you have never been to Hawaii, it is very possible that you have never heard of Kona. So NOW you may be asking “Um, what is Kona?” Well friends, Kona is a large and sunny district on the west side of the island. It holds many natural beauties, plenty of water sport opportunities, endless shopping, some fascinating history, and much much more!

1. One of the best things to do in Kona: fishing!

First of all, let’s talk action. Kona is famous for high quality deep sea fishing. Though pricey, (rates start around $350), the trip is totally worth it. Just imagine: out there on the wide open sea, wind in your hair and sun on your back… waiting for the thrill of the catch. Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish, and many other types of fish await! Plus, your chances of seeing some whales, dolphins and other amazing marine life are pretty high when you put yourself out there with them.

2. Snorkeling and surfing in this region is a must

Kona is also known for their epic snorkeling! The waters are crystal clear-blue in color, and the variety of sea life is expansive, plus the coral is captivating. Whether you choose a morning snorkel tour or an afternoon snorkeling tour in Kona, you can’t go wrong!

As far as water sports in Hawaii go, we can’t forget about surfing! Kona has some great places to ride the waves for any surf level. Kahalu’u is a pretty well known beach in this region, and the waves there are “totally radical dude.” Of course, it is important to take a surfing lesson before you hop on the big swells! There are plenty of surf lessons available throughout the island. Also, keep in mind that the sizes of waves vary day to day, and even hour to hour! Tide is never going to be totally consistent, so pay attention.

3. What to do in Kona? Go shopping!

Attention you shopaholics out there! This info is for you! If you’re still wondering what to do in Kona, you should know that the town offers a plethora of shopping malls and complexes. Kona Inn Shopping Village, Ali’i Gardens Marketplace, and Kona Coast Shopping Center barely even scratch the surface, but are a few very nice picks to find some local boutiques, gift shops, restaurants… pretty much anything you can imagine to satisfy your shopping needs.

4. Go on a food quest while you’re still here

What about all you foodies? There’s no way you can ignore the smells of freshly grilled seafood wafting through the air. Restaurant after restaurant after restaurant line the beach, just beckoning you to their doors. So if you’re looking for what to do in Kona, definitely try some seafood while you’re here, I mean come on! But if it’s not your thing, fear not. The Kona Region Coast has you covered! Burgers, pasta, Chinese, Mexican, you name it!! Whatever you are craving, seek it out in Kona, and you will not be disappointed.

5. Learn about Kona’s history

Finally, and arguably the most important aspect of Kona: the history. That’s right history buffs, we made it to your portion of the discussion. Fun Fact time: Not all of Hawaii is owned by the United States. A small portion– that is found in the Kona region– actually belongs to the United Kingdom. Captain James Cook was originally from Marton-in-Cleveland, UK. He died not long after his arrival to the island, and thus a memorial was erected in his honor. Needless to say, it’s an incredible area to check out (much easier to get there by boat than by foot).

Of course, this is just a short 813 word (don’t fact check us) overview of a truly amazing side of The Big Island… In fact, I’m starting to think the new nickname should be “The Versatile Ilse” or even. . .The Versat-Isle. Kona is just the start to the wonderful adventure that is Hawaii. To truly answer the question “What to do in Kona?” you’ve really gotta check it out yourself.


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