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New Years Resolution: Visit the Big Island in Hawaii

visiting the Big Island in Hawaii

Ringing in the New Year often brings about thoughts of travel goals, like the fact that you should visit the Big Island in Hawaii.

Some people dream of sandy warm beaches where they can soak up the sun with the wind in their hair and the ocean at their toes. Others prefer escaping to a cooler climate with snow capped mountains and beautiful views. Some might picture a laid back area to relax, while others imagine a more active adventure that involves hiking, water sports, beach yoga or even fishing. 

It’s hard to find somewhere that has it all. Luckily though, as Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” This is beyond true when referencing the Big Island of Hawaii! Here, the dazzling ocean meets the sun-kissed sand; the lush green rainforest meets the thundering volcanos.

Travel Goals: Visit Big Island in Hawaii

Hapuna Beach, on the Big Island has been voted as one of the best beaches in the world. You can spend the day swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying the sunshine. When evening hits, Hapuna becomes the perfect place to watch the sunset over the horizon.

Another popular beach on the Big Island, located in Kona, is Kahalu’u Beach. This area is highly recommended as a surfing spot to check out. Beginners are welcome, as there are plenty of surf classes and board rentals right on the bay! 

When it comes to beaches, the options are unlimited. Never a dry moment, am I right? Good thing Hawaii is an island and there are plenty of beaches to choose from!

But that’s the obvious aspect of a Hawaiian adventure… well, curiosity may lead one to wonder: what else does this dream destination have to offer?

travel to the Big Island

Other things to do on Big Island, Hawaii

While the beaches may be warm and relaxing, what about taking it above sea level?

On one hand, there are areas with lovely green vegetation where trails and roads that lead up, up and away can be found. Find yourself exploring the land and before you know it you could end up with an incredible view of Waipio Valley, or Akaka waterfall! Or maybe the trail leads to a tropical botanical garden with huge flowers and plants that burst with bright color and natural fragrance. 

Now, on the other hand there is an opportunity slightly more daring than the rest. An escapade that causes an adrenaline rush with just the thought of it. A task that only the bravest may face. I have only one word for you: Volcanoes! 

Yes, that’s right. Hawaii is renowned for its active volcanoes, and as a matter of fact, there is an entire National Park dedicated to these blazing beasts. This area is just dangerous enough that, at times, there is no access allowed to certain areas. Do not let this prevent further exploration! It is not uncommon for this National Park to have millions of visitors a year because it is just that amazing and interesting. Plus, some of the volcano summits are where snow can be found! Not many people picture snow when they envision the Hawaiian Islands, but it can be found. 

The highest peaks on this island, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, reach heights of almost 14,000 feet! Pretty astonishing for an island to extend. The sky’s no limit with this place! 

When deciding on travel goals for the New Year, keep in mind the terrain, the climate, and the available activities. The Island of Hawaii is a place of natural wonder, and quite simply put, has it all. Why not choose the destination that can fulfill all your wildest dreams? Visit the Big Island in Hawaii!


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