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Hawaiian Holidays: Christmas in Hawaii

Christmas in Hawaii

We hope you’re checking back after our last post about spending Christmas in Hawaii. Maybe you’ve traveled to some colder parts of the island to feel that winter-y chill. Maybe you fit in a caroling concert, or maybe you went rogue and are trying all the Christmas-inspired cocktails (finally a reason to put cinnamon in everything!)

However you’re spending your holidays sounds perfect. We’re just here to let you know what’s goin’ on and give you some inspiration, in case you’re still in search. 

Winter Holidays in Hawaii

It’s Christmas in Hawaii. Eat, for goodness sakes!

It’s the first on our list every year during Christmas in Hawaii: What’s for breakfast? What’s for brunch? What’s for lunch? What about afternoon snacks and libations? What’s for dinner?

These are all essential holiday questions. It’s good to give yourself a reason to make a New Year Resolution. A few restaurants will remain open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but if you’re looking for something a little more on-trend then we suggest the following:

1. Brunch at Kilauea Lodge and Restaurant

Snuggled back in the chilly part of the Big Island (which we adore) is Kilauea Lodge, a friendly delicious-smelling inn with friendly staff and lovely Christmas decorations.

This popular buffet recommends reservations and offers a Prime Rib carving station, Gingerbread French Toast Bread Pudding, House-made Holiday Pastries and so much more (including salad, if you’re into that kind of thing).

2. Dinner at the Westin Hapuna Beach Resort

Brunch has ended, the Prime Rib has been devoured and you know what that means. . .time to think about dinner.

We can hardly report the menu, our mouths are watering way too much. A poke bar, charcuterie options, sashimi, seafood, and (more) prime rib, turkey and plenty other delicious platters await you. There are also keiki options (chicken fingers, mac and cheese, etc.) and of course a couple desserts to choose from.

Feel the Spirit of Christmas in Hawaii

This is a great option, especially if you’re staying in or near Kona.

Living Stones Church (right on the main Alii Drive) is putting on a “Christmas Eve Under the Stars”. Beginning at sunset, this show will include singing, dancing and acting dedicated to the Christmas story and the birth of Christ. 

Embrace the Change

Christmas in Hawaii isn’t the same as Christmas elsewhere, and that’s part of the beauty of it. Our Santa Claus is clad in board shorts and sunglasses (and lathered with reef-safe sunscreen). Maybe this is the perfect time to embrace the different experience and try a once-in-a-lifetime gift, either for yourself, your partner, or your family.

The Big Island of Hawaii is a beautiful place of exploration and adventure. For a truly memorable and different type of Christmas, spend it on or in the water. See the magnificent underwater life, learn about the different types of fish and maybe even see turtles, dolphins, or manta rays

Luckily, Sea Paradise is a tour company that offers their full range of adventures even on Christmas day. Explore coral reefs during their daytime snorkel or join a Travel Channel’s “Top 10 things to do in your lifetime” and snorkel with manta rays in the dark, surrounded by the glow of holiday lights.


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