Spinner Dolphins On The West Coast of Hawaii

spinner dolphins

The West Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii is a great place to view spinner dolphins.  It’s best to view spinner dolphins at a safe distance as spinner dolphins are nocturnal and their sleep patterns during the day can be disturbed by people swimming too close. According to Love Big Island  there are four […]

The Manago Hotel & Restaurant

Manago Hotel & Restaurant

Only In Your State on the oldest restaurant in Hawaii, which is in the Manago Hotel in Captain Cook. After your snorkel tour at the famous Kealakekua Bay, you may want to check out the oldest restaurant in Hawaii which opened in 1917. Overlooking Kealakekua Bay in Captain Cook, the Manago Hotel isn’t the oldest […]

Surfing – Hawaii’s Sport of Kings

Man surfing

Due to the beautiful blue waters, tropical climate, and Hawaiian culture, water activities are an important part of Hawaiian life.  Join the best crew on the Hoku Nui for a snorkel or manta ray tour you’ll long remember. According to Surfer Today, it’s difficult to trace the history of surfing as it is such an ancient […]

Ka’awaloa South Kona, Hawaii

Captain Cook Monument is famous and is located in Kealakekua Bay a famous snorkeling spot on the Big Island.

Ka’awaloa was once a thriving town on the north side of Kealakekua Bay. During the last part of the 18th century, Hawaiian Royalty resided there according to Kona Historical Society. The town is now famous for Captain Cook’s discovery of the island of Hawaii and his demise at this spot.  The Captain Cook Monument could […]

Famous Kealakekua Bay

People on the Hoku Nui sailing to snorkel spot

Hop on the Hoku Nui for a snorkel tour and feel the spirit of aloha with our amazing crew. As a visitor to the Island of Hawaii snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay is one of the best things to do in Kona. According to Love Big Island, Kealakekua Bay is one of the best snorkeling spots […]

What Are Some Differences Between The Manta Ray And The Sting Ray

Manta Ray filter feeder

There’s quite a bit of confusion between Manta Rays and Sting Rays.  American Oceans clarifies some of the differences between the two. First, both Manta Rays and Sting Rays are in the shark family, and they’re Rays.  They both have cartilage instead of bones and they give birth to live animals. Manta Rays are larger […]