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10 of the Most Endangered Sharks In The World

By Hannah Brown / 16 Nov 2021

You won’t be seeing any sharks on Sea Paradise tours, but sharks do inhabit the waters of Kona. Hannah Ward reports on 10 of the most endangered for A-Z-Animals. There are more than 500 species of…

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Water Shoes For Snorkeling: Advantages, Tips & Gear

By Hannah Brown / 11 Nov 2021

Snorkel Planet gives some advice on the advantages of water shoes for snorkeling.  Our snorkel tours don’t require shoes but you’ll love the experience so much you may want to think about shoes for future…

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25 Fun And Surprising Facts About Fish

By Hannah Brown / 10 Nov 2021

Snorkel Planet gives some interesting fun facts on fish.  Our snorkel tours are the best way to get close to the sea life on the Big Island. Fish are fascinating creatures and have already grabbed…

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colorful tropical fish


By Hannah Brown / 09 Nov 2021

Love Big Island reports on the best spots for snorkeling on the Big Island.  Our snorkel tours take you to the best locations for snorkeling and viewing the giant manta rays. We list our 3…

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Florida Surfer Photobombed By Giant Manta Ray Jumping Out Of Ocean

By Hannah Brown / 04 Nov 2021

On March 17, 2021 CBS Miami reported on a giant manta ray photobombing a Florida Surfer by jumping out of the water at the same time the picture was being taken.  Join us for one…

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Snorkeling Gear 101 – What do I Need to Snorkel?

By Hannah Brown / 03 Nov 2021

Some who join us on our snorkel tours are new to the snorkeling experience and find they love it!  For those who want to continue here are some good tips from Divers Direct on snorkel…

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