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Visiting the Big Island of Hawaii? Consider these popular Big Island Things to Do and Big Island Activities.

Sea Paradise Sailing and Snorkeling is the best way to enjoy water activities and viewing creatures of the sea in their own environment.  Here’s some information from Going To Hawaii on the top Big Island activities.

Hawaii’s Big Island, also known as Hawaii Island, is the youngest island in the Hawaiian chain. And, as you might have guessed from its name, it’s the largest. The Big Island of Hawaii is an island that offers many thrilling experiences, or relaxing moments, depending on the type of vacation you desire. If you’re planning on Going to Hawaii and enjoying an activity filled – or restful – encounter, you might want to consider spending time on the Big Island to take in tropical treasures at every turn.

Some of the top Big Island Activities that await your participation, and exploration, include hikes over lava fields, snorkel excursions with manta rays, and sun-tanning sessions on some of the most gorgeous beaches on the planet. There are Big Island Things to Do for singles, couples, and families – so, give serious and careful thought to how you might want to spend a week or so there, and then book your amazing adventure.

The following are some of the most popular Big Island Things to Do. Tourists typically love these high-energy and low-key activities, because they allow for taking in views stunning sights all while doing things that aren’t always possible to do at home.

Enjoy learning about the top Big Island Activities that are waiting for you, and enjoy your trip to the beautiful Big Island!

Hiking on The Big Island
The Big Island of Hawaii is like heaven for those who enjoy hiking. Whether your ideal hike includes challenging trails or modest pathways, there’s a foot journey that will please you on the Big Island. Many people who hike on the Big Island like to take scenic treks along cliffs and volcano edges. Some prefer meandering next to Hawaiian fish ponds and ancient petroglyphs. The great thing about hiking on the Big Island is that there are dozens of places where visitors can get out and see the natural beauty of the island, as they get whatever level of exercise is preferable.

Swim With Dolphins on The Big Island
The water around Hawaii’s Big Island teems with wildlife, including dolphins that splash, play, and sometimes swim with tourists. If you think swimming with dolphins is one of the Big Island Activities that would make your trip to Hawaii complete, it’s best you hook up with a tour group rather than venture out into the deep sea on your own. Many tour companies in Hawaii will shuttle you to where dolphins eat, breed, and congregate. These tour operators make sure guests have a great time while also respecting the dolphins’ natural habitat. When swimming with dolphins, take cues from the locals and experts who advise tourists to remain at a distance from the dolphins unless the ocean animals approach first.

Volcano Tours of the Big Island
One of the top Big Island Things to Do is taking a volcano tour. The Big Island of Hawaii has many volcanic craters and lava tubes that are fun to explore, and that are perfect for shooting that classic Hawaii photo you might want to post on Instagram or your other social media pages. Some of the top volcanic craters to view include Kilauea and Mauna Loa. There are plenty of tour guides that can take you to the edges of these craters and there are some spots that are okay to visit alone. It’s best to completely research the areas you want to visit before you head off on your sightseeing trip, so you know what terrain is safe and what places should be avoided. Many tour companies offer helicopter tours over volcanoes and lava tubes. These tours are memorable ways to learn about Hawaii’s landscape, and they’re unique opportunities to view lava falls and lava caves from an unmatched vantage point.

If you’re Going to Hawaii to admire the Big Island’s crystal blue waters, think about immersing yourself in the experience by snorkeling. While snorkeling, you can get up-close looks at an eco-system filled with ocean creatures of the most brilliant kind. Snorkeling on the Big Island is arguably best done on the Kohana Coast’s Hapula Beach or in Kahaluu Beach Park on the Kona Coast, where schools of colorful fish sometimes swim right up to your nose. Some visitors love heading to Honaunau Bay in Keauhau, because the two-step entry and calm waters make it an ideal location for first-time snorkelers.

These are just a handful of the Things to do on the Big Island of Hawaii. There are also Luaus to attend, surfing spots to check out, and authentic Hawaiian shopping boutiques to roam through if you want to fill your suitcase with Hawaiian treasures. Enjoy exploring the Big Island of Hawaii. If you’re visiting multiple islands on your Hawaiian vacation, we encourage you to read some of our various articles to find out about activities that are unique to the other islands.


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