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These 11 Restaurants Serve The Best Loco Moco In Hawaii

Only In Your State on where to get the best loco moco, a Hawaiian favorite.   Enjoy this dish at one of the restaurants mentioned after you join us on one of our snorkel tours! 

A beef patty nestled into a bed of rice with a fried over-easy egg balanced on top, with a smothering of brown gravy bringing everything together. This is the loco moco, and it is absolutely to die for. Said to have originated in the 1940s, the dish is the epitome of Hawaiian plate-lunch cuisine. It can satisfy the raging appetite of a surfer or hiker, or even cure the occasional hangover. Because the loco moco may not be something you want to eat on a regular basis, you’ve really got to make the best choice possible – and you can’t go wrong with the local favorite from any of these 11 restaurants. You’ll find the absolute best loco moco in any of these amazing restaurants in Hawaii, so put them on your to-do list!

1) Café 100, Hilo

With two hamburger patties and mushroom gravy, it’s no wonder this remote eatery has found a spot in the hearts of people from across the islands – and the country. It was once recognized by Food Network as serving one of the best in the state. Looking for more rave reviews of this unbelievable cafe? Make sure to read them on on TripAdvisor.

3) Kountry Kitchen, Kapaa

If you’re looking for local comfort food at affordable prices in Kapaa, look no further than Kountry Kitchen, where the loco moco is rich in flavor and served with two sunny side up eggs and two huge scoops of rice. Want to make reservations at this hopping place? Make sure to check out their website for the best place to book.

4) Local Food, Lahaina

Substitute fried rice for the white rice in your loco moco for a more unique flavor experience at this small mom and pop style eatery. This small spot may be tiny in stature, but it’s big on flavor. Learn more about their hours of operation on their website.

5) Liliha Bakery, Honolulu

While the loco moco isn’t the most popular choice at Liliha Bakery, the dish comes in two different sizes and with one of their infamous butter rolls, perfect for soaking up that extra gravy. Fill up on this classic dish at one of their many locations!

6) Broke Da Mouth Grindz, Kailua-Kona

Tucked away into a nondescript strip mall, this local joint may be known for their excellent chicken plate lunches, but their loco moco is pretty phenomenal as well. This offbeat neighborhood nook is the place to go for great food and outstanding loco moco in Alaska. Stay up to date on their hours and follow their Facebook page.

7) Mark’s Place, Lihue

Serving up standard local Hawaiian fare at affordable prices, Mark’s Place is unfortunately closed on weekends – so don’t get your hopes up for a Mark’s loco moco after a night of drinking. Around since 1998, this gold standard of lunch spots needs to be on the top of your list the next time you’re in Kauai.

8) Hawaiian Style Café, Waimea

Is anyone really surprised that a classic Hawaiian diner serves up perhaps the best comfort food in the area, including the epitomized loco moco? This cafe is best local restaurants in Hawaii, and the loco moco is not to be missed. Grab a friend and get some Hawaiian home cooking at this gorgeous spot in Waimea.

9) Ted’s Bakery, Haleiwa

Smothered with gravy and served with a side of mac salad, the loco moco at Ted’s Bakery is ono. Don’t forget to pick up a slice of pie as well! You may not want to eat it right away, but if you skip it you will regret it later. But don’t just take our word for it: this amazing spot wins award after award each and every year, so everyone else knows this place is one of the best spots to get local foods in Hawaii.

10) Nalu’s South Shore Grill, Kihei

With an open air concept and flavor infused water, Nalu’s is a great spot for any meal of the day – as long as you have a hefty appetite. One of the hidden gem restaurants in Hawaii, this spot is begging to be visited. Open seven days a week, you can satisfy your appetite all day long for loco moco, because that dish is so popular they never stop serving it.

11) The Alley Restaurant Bar + Grill, Aiea

Now, if you’re anything like me, any eatery featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is worth a shot – and this restaurant, located above a bowling alley, does not disappoint. One of the best local restaurants in Hawaii, we can’t stop coming back to this funky spot with awesome ambiance. Grab a bite to eat, go bowling, and chow down again! Sounds like the perfect day.


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