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September 28th National Good Neighbor Day!

Passengers on the Hoku Nui

Join our excellent crew on the Hoku Nui to create a beautiful memory of Hawaii on a snorkel or manta ray tour!  Sea Paradise Sailing & Snorkel has been a good neighbor since 1985!

National Good Neighbor Day, celebrated on September 28th, is a day to recognize and celebrate the importance of good neighbors. Good neighbors are people who look out for each other, lend a helping hand, and are there for advice when asked. They are the people who make our neighborhoods stronger and more vibrant.

National Good Neighbor Day was first celebrated in the early 1970s by Becky Mattson of Lakeside, Montana. Mattson wanted to find a way to bring her neighbors together and create a stronger sense of community. She came up with the idea of a national holiday to celebrate good neighbors, and the idea quickly caught on.

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation establishing National Good Neighbor Day. In his proclamation, President Carter said that National Good Neighbor Day is a day to “celebrate the importance of good neighbors in our lives.” He also said that “good neighbors make our communities stronger and more caring places to live.”

There are many ways to celebrate National Good Neighbor Day. Here are a few ideas:

  • Introduce yourself to a new neighbor. If you don’t know your neighbors, take this opportunity to introduce yourself. You can do this by knocking on their door, inviting them over for coffee, or saying hello when you see them outside.
  • Do something kind for a neighbor. This could be something as simple as holding the door open for them, helping them carry their groceries, or offering to watch their pet.
  • Volunteer in your community. This is a great way to meet new people and make a difference in your neighborhood. You could volunteer at a local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or animal shelter.
  • Host a block party or neighborhood potluck. This is a great way to get to know your neighbors and build a stronger sense of community.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, National Good Neighbor Day is a great opportunity to show your appreciation for the good neighbors in your life. Good neighbors make our neighborhoods better places to live, and we should all be grateful for them.


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