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Sea Paradise

Best Spots to Enjoy Big Island’s Snorkeling Tours

Big Island Snorkeling tours

Swimming alongside giant manta rays as they twirl below you and feed on plankton is one of the most remarkable experiences when it comes to Big Island snorkeling tours. In fact, there’s never a boring moment once you put on your gear and start swimming. However, there’s hardly enough time to explore all the island’s…

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5 Remarkable Things To Experience During A Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii vacation

A Hawaii vacation is never complete without experiencing some of the most exciting activities on our beautiful islands. Take a look at some of the fun activities you shouldn’t miss in order to have fun during a Hawaii vacation. 5 Fun Activities to Never Miss During a Hawaii Vacation Snorkeling Over the years, snorkeling has…

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Your Itinerary For a Weekend in Kona

weekend in Kona

It ain’t called the Big Island for nothin’. The island of Hawaii is not only the largest in the island chain, but is larger than all the other islands combined. If you’re coming over to visit, chances are you’ll be looking to explore different areas, and might have a limited amount of time in each…

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Exploring The Best of Big Island (literally)

the best of Big Island

The Big Island is one of the most unique and fascinating places in the world. With its abundance of historic, cultural, and natural beauty, this island offers something for everyone. Approaching the Big Island, however, can be an incredibly overwhelming task. That’s why we’ve broken down the very large Big Island into four areas (North,…

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New Years Resolution: Visit the Big Island in Hawaii

visiting the Big Island in Hawaii

Ringing in the New Year often brings about thoughts of travel goals, like the fact that you should visit the Big Island in Hawaii. Some people dream of sandy warm beaches where they can soak up the sun with the wind in their hair and the ocean at their toes. Others prefer escaping to a…

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Hawaiian Holidays: Christmas in Hawaii

Christmas in Hawaii

We hope you’re checking back after our last post about spending Christmas in Hawaii. Maybe you’ve traveled to some colder parts of the island to feel that winter-y chill. Maybe you fit in a caroling concert, or maybe you went rogue and are trying all the Christmas-inspired cocktails (finally a reason to put cinnamon in…

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