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Sea Paradise

More On Manta Rays

Manta Ray Snorkeling in Kona

Sea Paradise Sailing and Snorkeling has two amazing manta ray night snorkel tours to choose from to see these beautiful creatures. Here’s more information from the Great Barrier Reef Foundation on Manta Rays. With the largest brain to body ratio of any living fish, these gentle giants are under threat. Description Large, flat and oddly…

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Sailing on the Island of Hawaii

What to do in Kona

Here’s a brief article on sailing on the Big Island by Go Hawaii. Sea Paradise Sailing and Snorkeling Tours is a great way to enjoy the water on the west side of the Big Island. With calm seas, a steady breeze and the sun on your face, there’s no fairer way to explore the island…

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Spinner Dolphin

Here’s another good article by the folks at NOAA Fisheries on the Spinner Dolphin. Sea Paradise Sailing and Snorkel offers morning and afternoon snorkel tours where you can often see these beautiful dolphins. About the Species Spinner dolphins are probably the most frequently encountered cetacean in nearshore waters of the Pacific Islands Region. Spinner dolphins…

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The Mystery of the Melanistic Manta Rays

Manta ray night snorkel kona

Here’s a good article on Manta Rays from a 2019 article by JoAnna Klein for the New York Times.  Sea Paradise Sailing and Snorkeling Tours is a great way to see these graceful creatures up front and personal. Scientists are trying to work out why some manta rays have black blotches on their skin, which…

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Snorkeling

Kona Snorkel tour

Here’s a good article on the health benefits of snorkeling by the editors at Health Fitness Revolution. Snorkeling is one of the most fun ways to see the beauty of the underwater world without having to leave the surface of the water. It’s a staple activity for those who vacation to island getaways, and…

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