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The Outrigger Canoe

Join our amazing crew on our state-of-the-art catamaran, the Hoku Nui, to create the Hawaiian vacation adventure of a lifetime!  Sea Paradise Sailing & Snorkel award-winning tours are famous on the West Coast of the Big Island!  Our knowledgeable and fun crew ensure you know everything you need to know to ensure your enjoyment and safety on your adventure!

The Hoku Nui, our 50-ft luxury catamaran, is a stable vessel as it has two parallel hulls which makes it resistant to rolling and overturning.  Hoku Nui translates to “Big Star” and she deserves the name.  Our guests rave about the beauty and comfort of this beautiful vessel which adds to the water adventure experience.

Like the catamaran, the outrigger canoes are distinctive boats with one or two hollow floats (ama) connected to a main hull by poles (iako). These ingenious vessels were developed by Austronesian peoples, most likely from the Marquesas Islands and played a central role in the Polynesian settlement of Hawaii around 200 AD. Their design provides stability in open water, making them ideal for long-distance voyages across the vast Pacific Ocean. Outrigger canoes weren’t mere boats, but lifelines across the vast Pacific. They transported not just people, but the vital cargo needed to establish a new life – plants, animals, and tools for survival. These ingenious sailing craft, designed for stability in open waters, were central to the Polynesian accomplishment of settling Hawaii and marked the dawn of Hawaiian civilization.

Join us on the Hoku Nui, for your next Hawaiian vacation water adventure, and hear some history of the area from our knowledgeable crew!


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