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Manta Ray Snorkel Experience

snorkelers on raft with manta rays

Our Manta Ray tour is an exhilarating experience and one to put on your bucket list.  Join us to view these giant majestic creatures in their natural habitat.  Experience the intelligence of these graceful and large creatures.

You may ask, “What are manta rays and are they safe?” Called “Hahalua” in Hawaiian, manta rays are one of the largest animals in the ocean, ranging from 2 to 20 feet wide.

Manta rays are gentle giants of the sea and DO NOT have stingers so they are harmless to snorkelers. Manta rays come out at night year-round to catch microscopic plankton in their wide, cavernous mouths. Many manta rays reside in the Keauhou Bay area on the Kona Coast, at the dive site called, “Manta Ray Village.”

Our tours enable you to safely snorkel with these amazing creatures.


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