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Manta Ray Night Snorkel Tour

manta ray swimming

Join us on the Hoku Nui for a memorable experience in the Hawaiian waters with manta rays.  Sea Paradise has the best manta ray tour on the Big Island.

Hawaii Activities on the night manta ray tour.  The manta ray night snorkel is one of the most popular things to do in Kona and is only possible in a few places in the world. Experience a once in a lifetime encounter with giant manta rays, an experience you can only find in Hawaii on the Big Island.  Keauhou Bay is famous for its resident manta rays who put on a show every night. Watch these massive and graceful animals up close as they come out to play and feed on microscopic plankton.

Hawaii Activities has the best selection of Big Island manta ray snorkeling and diving tours. Find the best deals and discounts on manta ray night snorkeling in Kona. Book your manta ray night tour early as they sell out quickly.


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