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Ka’awaloa South Kona, Hawaii

Captain Cook Monument is famous and is located in Kealakekua Bay a famous snorkeling spot on the Big Island.

Ka’awaloa was once a thriving town on the north side of Kealakekua Bay. During the last part of the 18th century, Hawaiian Royalty resided there according to Kona Historical Society.

The town is now famous for Captain Cook’s discovery of the island of Hawaii and his demise at this spot.  The Captain Cook Monument could be seen in old pictures of the town.

In 1874, a British Commander named Wodehouse came on the famous HMS Scout from Honolulu to Kona to oversee the erection of the obelisk that honors Captain Cook in Ka’awaloa on the north side of Kealakekua Bay.  Prior to that, there was nothing commemorating Captain Cook except a coconut stump covered by copper sheets that were brought by British sea captains.   In 1866 American author, Mark Twain commented on such a pitiful type of memorial for the British Navigator killed in 1779.

Ka’awaloa, was once an vibrant town for Hawaiian Royalty, including King Kamehameha and Queen Ka’ahumanu, Chiefess Kapiolani, and King Kalakaua’s family. A century later the Hawiian Royalty had either passed away or moved to Honolulu.  Ka’awaloa became an inter-island stop for steamers, but the population had dropped drastically.

Hop on the Hoku Nui and sail out to Kealakekua Bay where the Royals once lived, and snorkel in the beautiful turquoise waters of the now famous snorkeling spot!


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