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Chocolate and Vanilla in Hawaii

After you enjoy a beautiful snorkel tour with our informative and friendly crew, you may be surprised to learn the sweet flavors of chocolate and vanilla are grown on the Big Island and check out a tour to check out the vanilla and chocolate making process on the island.

The tropical paradise of Hawaii isn’t just known for its beaches and waves, but also for its surprising claim to fame: being the only state in the US that commercially grows both chocolate and vanilla. These two beloved flavor powerhouses thrive in the islands’ warm, humid climate, creating unique and delectable experiences for visitors and locals alike.

Hawaiian vanilla boasts a distinct floral aroma and subtle sweetness, different from the vanilla extract commonly found. Farms like Big Island Vanilla and Hawaiian Vanilla Company offer tours and tastings, where you can witness the hand-pollination process and savor the pure flavor of the bean. Chocolate, on the other hand, sees a wider range of production, from small-batch “bean-to-bar” makers like KoAloha Chocolate to established farms like Sharron’s Orchards and Lydgate Farms. These producers create rich, single-origin bars infused with local flavors like Kona coffee and macadamia nuts.

The combination of chocolate and vanilla isn’t just a delicious treat, it’s a symbol of Hawaii’s agricultural diversity and commitment to quality. Whether you indulge in a handcrafted chocolate bar infused with Hawaiian vanilla bean or explore a farm tour, you’re sure to appreciate the unique taste of the islands reflected in these global favorites.


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