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10 Reasons The Country Should Be Thankful For Hawaii

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Megan Shute for Only In Your State on reasons for the country to be thankful for the State of Hawaii.  Join us on the Hoku Nui to create a beautiful memory of snorkeling with the manta rays.

Thanksgiving was last week and we’re all thinking a lot about what we are thankful for. I am personally thankful for more things than I can count, including my friends, family, an awesome job, and — of course — Hawaii. And while everyone in Hawaii is likely thankful for our beautiful island paradise, the entire country should really be thankful for Hawaii. Here are ten great reasons why.

1. Hawaii is home to some of the best beaches in the country – let alone the world.

2. Hawaii is the only state in America that can grow coffee. Kona Coffee may be the most famous, but the other islands are known to produce some killer beans, too.

4. The all-encompassing Aloha Spirit. Need I say more?
5. You can probably thank Hawaii’s natural beauty for your desktop screensaver — because there’s nothing better than dreaming of an island paradise while a blizzard rages on outside.
6. While Hawaii may not be the world’s main producer of pineapples anymore, the islands singlehandedly are to thank for the popularity of this sweet fruit.
7. Hawaii is the birthplace of modern surfing.
8. Athletes across the country can thank Honolulu for the creation of the triathlon.
9. Hawaii has introduced a slew of amazing foods to mainland travelers — including the loco moco, poke spam musubi, shave ice, malasadas, and plate lunches. You can’t forget about acai bowls, either!
10. Where else would mainlanders go on vacation to an island paradise without needing a passport?10. Where else would mainlanders go on vacation to an island paradise without needing a passport?


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