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The Majestic Manta Ray

Two manta rays

Join the excellent crew of Sea Paradise on the Hoku Nui for an unforgettable experience on a manta ray tour!  Floating above these majestic creatures as they dine under the lighted raft, you can watch their graceful ballet!

According to Natacha Gajdoczki for PADI there are interesting facts about manta rays.

A Manta Ray’s skin is covered in a mucusy film for protection.  It’s important to avoid touching them.

Manta’s are huge!  They can weight up to 3000 lbs with a wingspan of 23 feet.

Manta’s need to swim constantly to stay alive.  As they propel forward waters flushes over their gills.

The name “Manta” comes from the Spanish word for cloak or mantle.  They are also known as “devilfish” as their cephalic fins resemble horns.

Manta Rays are found in tropical and sub-tropical waters.  The furthest north a manta ray has been recorded is off the coast of South Carolina.

Manta Rays feed on tiny creatures despite their huge size.  They feed on zooplankton, segmented worms and shrimp-like crustaceans.

Manta Rays give birth to live young which are like small adults as they don’t need nurturing from the mother manta.  The period between mating and birth can take up to one year.

Mantas have large brains and are reported to recognize themselves in a mirror indicating high intelligence.

Manta Rays seem to love being cleaned as they often return to cleaning stations where small fish clean them of parasites.


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