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Top 5 Tips To Prepare For Your First Kona Snorkel Tour

Kona Snorkel tour

Some snorkelers slide along the water in the ocean like sea creatures. Seeing such snorkelers make you wonder if they were once beginners. Truth is, every snorkeler had their first moment and just like every first-time snorkeler, they were probably nervous too. If you’re going for your first Kona snorkel tour, chances are you will be more excited that nervous.

That said, we’ve compiled a simple list of things you can do to make your first Kona snorkel tour as remarkable as you imagined.

Kona Snorkel

Getting Set for Your First Kona Snorkel Tour

Use these simple tips to prepare for your first Kona snorkel tour:

Be ready for the sun!

The excitement of the beauty below can make you forget about the hazards of sun rays. Despite the reflection of the ocean all over your skin, sun rays are still effective. So, it’s important to have the right protection against the sun.

About 30 minutes before entering the water, apply reef safe sunscreen and apply it again immediately once you’re out of the water.  The reef safe sunscreen needs some time to dry on your skin or else it will wash off once you’re in the ocean and there goes your skin protection. More so, you can wear a Rash Guard with 50+SPF skin protection to make sure your entire skin is protected from sun rays.

Take control of your hair

If you have a long hair, make sure there’s none on your forehead while you wear your mask. To get a good seal, it’s important to ensure that your hair or bangs is nowhere inside your mask. You can tie back your hair in a braid to prevent getting it tangled in your goggle strap. Doing so will also ensure your hair stays away from your face so you can get a perfect seal when you put on your snorkel mask.

Also, if you have a mustache, apply a good amount of Vaseline on it to help you get a good seal when you put on your snorkel mask. Bear in mind that the goggle strap is designed to wrap around the middle of your head. As such, any hairstyle below or above the center of your head is okay.

Conserving your energy, the right way

Chances are you may need some assistance to stay horizontal while swimming. You can use a floatation belt to keep your snorkeling stable and effortless. If you want to limit disruptions in the water, and get a clearer visibility, take long slow kicks from your hips. Doing so will also help you maintain a high energy level.

Don’t try to alter the ecosystem

Once you’re out in the ocean, the general rule of thumb is to have fun and take as many pictures as you can leaving only bubbles. But be aware that the ocean is a sensitive ecosystem that can exist on its own without your help. For example, you don’t have to feed the fish, touch the coral, or even walk on the ocean floor.

You’re still on vacation. Have fun!

The most breathtaking moment of a Kona snorkel tour is that incredible second when you first enter the ocean. Snorkeling is an amazing exercise that requires deep calm breaths while trusting that your gear will work perfectly.

Don’t forget that snorkeling isn’t a competition or a race. So, don’t bother about swimming very fast or you’ll end up missing a lot. In fact, the slower you swim, the higher your chances of spotting what lies below. Don’t forget that many marine animals are crafty disguisers. So, you have to swim slowly to let their body movements give them away.


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