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11 Reasons Christmas In Hawaii Is The Absolute Best

Megan Shute for Only In Your State on reasons why a Hawaiian Christmas is great! A snorkel tour is a great way to celebrate the holiday season.

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s officially the Christmas season, and here at Only In Hawaii, we couldn’t be more excited. When you think of a traditional holiday season, the Hawaiian Islands are probably the last place to cross your mind. However, Christmas in Hawaii is pretty incredible, and here are eleven reasons why.

1. Surfing Hawaiian Santa is so much cooler than regular Santa.

Santa can shed his big, red suit and clunky boots in this tropical climate and don a festive Hawaiian shirt instead – or simply not zip up his suit.

2. Christmas palm trees and Norfolk Pines.

Do I really need to say more? Our Christmas trees sure are unique here.

3. Who needs snowflakes on your tongue when you can have sand between your toes?

Personally, I would much rather be spending Christmas on the beach.

4. Our “snowmen” are made out of sand.

You won’t have to worry about your sandman melting, though you might have to worry about your creation being swept away with the tide…

5. Honolulu Hale goes all out for Christmas, and it is beautiful.

The 50-foot tall Norfolk Pine tree, Santa + Mrs. Claus, and elaborate decorations make for one stellar celebration. This year’s event is drive-through only, but we’re still stoked.

6. You can wear swimsuits and slippers instead of sweaters and boots.

Not to mention going to the beach for a post-Christmas swim or surf session.

7. You never have to worry about bad weather changing your holiday plans.

There will be no blizzard that forces you to miss your annual family holiday celebration in Hawaii.

8. Santa doesn’t ride in with his reindeer pulling a sleigh – he rides in a red canoe pulled by dolphins!

How cool is that?!

9. You won’t freeze to death while admiring all the spectacular Christmas decorations.

Hawaii is home to some incredible light displays, parades, festivals and decorations. You can even relish in the Christmas cheer while sitting poolside.

10. Poinsettias can grow as tall as trees in Hawaii, and they bloom near December 25.

Our Christmas spirit can grow in our backyards.

11. Hawaiian Christmas music is quite unique.

I mean, really, what other states in America can say that they have completely unique Christmas tunes sung by the famous Bing Crosby?



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