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Why Go Snorkeling?

woman snorkeling underwater

Lauren Feather for The Travel on the wonderful water activity – snorkeling.  Join us for the best snorkel tour in the warm, inviting waters off the west coast of the Big Island.

The explored and seen parts of the ocean that humans do know are nothing short of mesmeric and extraterrestrial.

It cannot be denied that the ocean is one of the planet’s most spectacular offerings — and it’s perfect for exploration. Atop the to-do list in terms of ocean activities is always snorkeling, an enjoyable pastime that’s open to all without the need for training or qualifications, unlike scuba diving.

Putting on a mask, snorkel, and fins allows people to explore the amazing alien worlds that bustle beneath the ocean’s surface, soaking up sights, sounds, and sub-sea scenery that’s only visible off the land.

Given the extreme expanse of the sea across the planet, there are countless places to snorkel, each providing utterly unique samples of marine life and seascapes. From snorkeling in the tropics to the icy arctics, in-water exploration is wonderful all over the world.




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