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The Majestic Manta Rays

Manta swimming with girl

Join us on the luxurious Hoku Nui for a manta ray tour and experience these majestic creatures in a very up-close and personal setting.  Float above these gigantic creatures as they’re attracted to the lights under the rafts and dine on the krill, shrimp and crab larvae and other tiny sea life.

According to BBC Earth, Mantas are gentle, playful and curious creatures.  They have the largest brain to body mass of any fish and this supposedly contributes to their ability to be self-aware.  It’s truly a treat to be in the water with these huge and graceful animals.

Mantas are important to the ecosystem as they distribute nutrients they take in from the water and they fertilize the reefs.  Without them the reefs would not get these nutrients.

Mantas usually only have one pup every two to three years and scientists are studying these species to ensure they will thrive.

Don’t miss this opportunity for a magical experience with an ocean creature unlike any other!


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