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The Hoku Nui

Join us on our beautiful 50 ft. catamaran, the Hoku Nui for a Hawaii adventure snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay or on a manta ray tour at Manta Village.  This beautiful boat is state-of-the-art and the sail out to your snorkel or manta ray experience will definitely add to your ocean fun.

According to American Sailing sailing on a catamaran is a different experience than that of a monohull which is the traditional sailing vessel and has one hull which is centered around the keel.  A catamaran has two hulls which are balanced and has a sail in the middle.  The space between the two hulls usually has the cabin and in the case of the Hoku Nui, a bimini top which protects from the sun and netting for sitting back and relaxing in the sun.

The beauty of the catamaran is the size and the stability of the ride.  There is more room on both decks than a monohull.  The sides of the two hulls also allows for more people and gear.   The two hulls makes the boat more stable in the water for an enjoyable ride.  This makes the catamaran a popular vessel.

Along with the beautiful Hoku Nui, our wonderful crew have the spirit of aloha, and will ensure you have the best experience on the crystal clear waters of the Kona Coast!


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