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Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii

One of the best things about snorkel and manta ray tours with Sea Paradise is their commitment not only to providing an excellent tour but to do so in an eco-friendly manner.

Sea Paradise abides by the rules of Hawaii Ecotourism Association’s principles of sustainable tourism.

The Marine Life Conservation District (MLCD) which extends from Cook Point to Manini Point. Kealakekua Bay’s crystal-clear waters are beautiful, unpolluted and contain incredible sea life due to the careful following of the MLCD guidelines and the rules of Hawaii Ecotourism Association.

Above Kealakekua Bay is the Pali Kapu O Keoua which is on the northern coastline of the Bay. According to Lonely Planet, this translates to ‘sacred cliffs of Keoua’ and this area is home to caves that were used as burial places for Hawaiian Royalty. Some speculate that the bones of Captain Cook are there as well. These caves cannot be accessed and, because they’re sacred, they shouldn’t be as it’s ‘kapu’ or banned.

There are guidelines to follow in these waters to conserve the habitat and protect marine life. Sea Paradise takes this responsibility seriously to ensure enjoyment of the beautiful pristine waters for people and marine life for years to come.

Join us for an eco-friendly snorkel experience in the beautiful blue waters of the Kona Coast secure in the knowledge that it is a safe one for you and the environment.


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