Hawaiian Wildlife: The Manta Rays in Hawaii

Manta rays in Hawaii

Mountains, beaches, volcanoes . . . Hawaii really has it all. We love all the incredible scenery but we have to admit our favorite part of the island is the wildlife and specifically the underwater life. Among all the incredible marine animals, the manta rays in Hawaii might not be the first that comes to […]

Best things to do on Big Island: How to Start and End your Day in Paradise

Best things to do on Big Island

Traveling is overwhelming, right? But you’ve made it! Put down your stress and itinerary and make time for some of the island’s simple pleasures as you enjoy the best things to do on Big Island.. We felt like making a list of the best little things on the Big Island (at least our top little […]

Hawaii Sustainability 101

Hawaii Sustainability

Travel fun, safe and sustainably. It’s easy to be a conscientious traveler these days. When it comes to vacationing and Hawaii sustainability, here are just a few simple tips to make your vacation perfect for you and sustainable for us all. 1. Hawaii sustainability: Reef Safe Sunscreen Technically you have until 2021 until this becomes […]