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11 Reasons Why People From Hawaii Are The Best Kind Of People You’ll Ever Meet

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Megan Shute for Only In Your State on 11 reasons why people from Hawaii are the best.  Join us on one of our snorkel or manta ray tours for a once in a lifetime experience and meet the best staff ever!

The Hawaiian Islands are truly incredible – full of natural beauty, culture, the Aloha spirit, and some amazing people. Here are eleven reasons why individuals from Hawaii are the best people you will probably ever meet.

  1. The Aloha spirit runs deep, which means that people from Hawaii are always willing to offer friendship and assistance when needed.
  2. According to a national well-being survey, Hawaii is the least stressed state in the country.
  3. According to a national well-being survey, Hawaii is the least stressed state in the country.
  4. Everyone will welcome you graciously into their “ohana.”
  5. People from Hawaii are laid-back and would gladly spend their days lounging on the beach with you if they could.
  6. But they also know how to show you a good time out on the town, and can be extremely fun.
  7. Hawaii locals will also be able to teach you about all the best “secret” spots. You know, the ones without masses of tourists.
  8. People from Hawaii appreciate their state’s natural beauty, and always make time to stop and watch the sun set or point out a beautiful rainbow.
  9. The islands are basically a huge melting pot; due to the state’s unique culture and history, people from Hawaii are more accepting of other cultures, values, and ideas.
  10. People from Hawaii either know how to cook or know the best local spots to grab a plate lunch.
  11. Hawaii locals won’t judge you based on your appearance because slippahs are standard, and there is no need to dress up, or even do your hair.



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