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Kona Snorkeling

Meet a Sea Turtle

Here’s a good article on the beloved sea turtle from  Our snorkel tours are the best opportunities to view the beautiful sea life on the Big island. It’s as common to see a giant Green Sea Turtle as it is rare to catch a look at the nearly extinct Hawksbill Sea Turtle. Both species…

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Things To Do In Kona On The Water

Here’s an article from Explore The Big Island on things to do on the water in Kona.  One that shouldn’t be missed  is the night manta ray snorkel tours.   Our evening manta ray tours are the best in Kona! Find the Best Kona Beaches There’s a great selection of wonderful Big Island beaches within walking distance of downtown…

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Kealakekua Bay Marine Preserve

Sea Paradise Sailing and Snorkeling has a morning snorkel tour that goes to the famous and beautiful Kealakekua Bay.  Here’s good article from Hawaii Top Ten on the Kealakekua Bay Marine Preserve. Kealakekua Bay is steeped in Big Island and overall Hawaiian history. The Bay and surrounding Historic Park is the site of the first…

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5 Spots with the Best Snorkeling on the Big Island

Big Island Snorkel

Here’s a good article from the folks at Big Island Guide on the best snorkeling spots on the Big Island.  Sea Paradise Sailing and Snorkel is the best for snorkeling on the leeward side of the island. Our Picks for the Best Snorkeling on the Big Island If you’re looking for our top recommendations for…

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Top 5 Tips To Prepare For Your First Kona Snorkel Tour

Kona Snorkel tour

Some snorkelers slide along the water in the ocean like sea creatures. Seeing such snorkelers make you wonder if they were once beginners. Truth is, every snorkeler had their first moment and just like every first-time snorkeler, they were probably nervous too. If you’re going for your first Kona snorkel tour, chances are you will…

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