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Your Guide To The 7 Best Beaches In Hilo

By Hannah Brown / 02 Nov 2021

MKingLewis lists the 7 best beaches in Hilo on the east side of the Big Island for Royal Hawaiian Movers. While Hilo is typically known for verdant and lush botanical gardens, there are plenty of…

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Vacations in Hawaii

Is Snorkeling Bad For The Environment?

By Hannah Brown / 28 Oct 2021

Snorkel Planet gives some tips on snorkeling and protecting the environment.  Our snorkel tours off the boat offers great snorkeling while promoting sustainability. Introduction Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities on sunny beaches…

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Can Snorkeling Make You Seasick?

By Hannah Brown / 27 Oct 2021

While not a common experience, some people can get seasick while snorkeling.  Admin for Education for Snorkel Planet gives us reasons for this and some tips to avoid.  Join us on our morning snorkel tour…

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The Giant Guide For Snorkeling With A GoPro

By Hannah Brown / 26 Oct 2021

Admin in Gear & Tips for Snorkel Planet has great tips on snorkeling with a GoPro. Join us on one of our snorkel tours for a fun snorkel experience. Introduction GoPro cameras are everywhere these…

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Manta Rays

By Hannah Brown / 21 Oct 2021

As we are big fans of manta rays, here is an article by Alice Martino for Ocean Mission on the characteristics of these graceful creatures.  Our manta ray tours offers close proximity to the Mantas.…

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Is Snorkeling Better At Low Or High Tide?

By Hannah Brown / 20 Oct 2021

The Admin at Snorkel Planet gives some some good tips on how tides and other factors can affect snorkeling.  Our snorkel tours are the most fun and convenient way to snorkel on the Big Island.…

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